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Adding that bit of efficiency to your day to day operations...
Reliable and cost efficient wireless networks solutions, communications intelligence systems and software applications for police, military and law enforcement agencies
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Proximus LLC

Company registered number 31355139
Office address: 34 Uspishna Str. 03189 Kyiv Ukraine
T: +380 (44) 494-26-07
T: +380 (44) 494-26-03
F: +380 (44) 494-23-34

E-mail 1: info(at)
E-mail 2: wss.proximus(at)

Please send your message to one of our our email addresses and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please note that inquiries related to Intelligence Technologies, Electronic Warfare and Tactical Systems hardware and software will not be processed if they were sent to us with incomplete information about the requesting party.
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