Please note that for certain Proximus LLC products we will request a Customer to provide properly issued End User Certificate. When an application for an individual export license for a purchase is processed, the Export Control authorities require some kind of end-user certificate.

In normal cases, the end-user confirms the relevant circumstances, i.e. who the end-user is, what the product is, what the product will be used for (end-use), any order or contract numbers, the quantities and an undertaking not to re-export the product without the approval of the Ukrainian authorities.

In some cases, it may be necessary for the authorities in the recipient country to confirm a certain end-use. This applies in relation to especially sensitive products. In such cases, the Inspectorate contacts the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate in the recipient country and asks them to obtain an assurance. Such an assurance may also be associated with the requirement that an inspection is conducted to ensure that the product has been installed at the place stipulated and is used for the given purpose.

A certificate should be drawn up on the consignee's headed letter paper. The certificate should be signed by an authorized representative of the consignee and should be sent in the original to Proximus LLC along with the Purchase Order.
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