Low capacity wireless network installed at small and mid-size UAVs • Mod. MDN-1000
MDN-1000 is a solution for emergency situations that require a portable wireless network. Its portability, adaptability, and efficiency make it an ideal tool for emergency responders and other professionals who need to set up a wireless network in remote locations or disaster zones.

Its primary function is to detect all available cellular phones within a certain area, providing crucial information to ground control units. The system is capable of operating in customer-defined GSM and UMTS frequency bands and can be installed on various types of drones or UAVs with a payload capacity of 4,000 to 7,000 grams.

In emergency situations, time is of the essence, and the system's ability to detect adjacent cellular phones and provide their location is extremely valuable. Before operation, the user can easily set up a fixed points table that includes GPS coordinates and the required MDN-1000 operation parameters. This ensures the quick and accurate collection of essential information.

MDN-1000 utilizes software-defined radio technology, which allows the user to program the base station. It can scan the surrounding area for 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, and 4G LTE networks and save all network scans for later use within the same area. The system can also display selected handsets on a digital map and save the collected data. Additionally, the MDN-1000 system can initiate a phone call or send a targeted SMS to a selected cellphone.

This is is highly adaptable system, using both high-gain omnidirectional and directional ground station antennas. It includes a built-in micro Windows PC, making it a self-contained and highly efficient solution for a variety of drone operations.
Number of transceivers: 2 (optional - 4);
Operating bands (UMTS): Band 2, 5 and 10;
Operating bands (GSM): Band 2 and 5;
Radio modem operating frequency band: 902 - 928 MHz;
Transmitted power (base station unit): 2 (4) channels 2 W each;
Radio modem tramnsmitted power: up to 2 W;
Receiver sensitivity, GSM/UMTS/Modem: Up to -105 dBm / Up to -115 dBm / Up to -112 dBm
Power supply: on-board, 12V
Antennas gain: 2...7 dBi
Power consumption: 60-90 W
Weight, main unit/other components: 3 800-4 300 g / appr. 300 g
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