Mod.: RTB-500 and RTB-500A
RTB-500 antenna system is designed to detect RF sources' azimuth by processing received signals. The antenna system is located inside a remote module mounted on the roof of a vehicle. It can be placed in a square/round plastic box or a standard Thule-type roof box. Other antenna box shapes and sizes are available upon customer request.
• Locates transmitting sources in the azimuth plane and displays the results on a digital map.
• Works in a harsh RF environment due to advanced signal filtering techniques.
• Locates a preset frequency.
• Displays the direction towards the source on the display in the Azimuth plane.
• Displays the historical vehicle and direction track and map overlay.
• Can be remotely connected to other equipment.
• Displays the direction towards the detected signal source in relation to North and the vehicle's direction.
• Integrated GPS and compass.
RTB-500 Standard configuration: The system includes a 4-sectored azimuth plane direction detector mounted inside a Thule-type roof top box or a square 290x400x400mm plastic box. The system provides signals processing providing azimuth and approximate distance to the transmitting source.

RTB-500-A: The system includes a 4-sectored azimuth plane direction detector with switchable antennas. This option includes switchable transmit/receive antennas that can be pointed in different directions to ensure more effective operation. It has the same main parameters as the DF-500.
RTB-500 operation bands: 900/1800/2100 MHz (exact frequencies to be specified prior to ordering).
DF sensitivity: -104 dB.
Average pointing precision: 2 to 10 degrees (depending on the landscape).
Control interface: LAN.
Power voltage: 10-14 V (vehicle lighter socket).

Additional parameters for modification with switchable antennas (RTB-500-A):

Rx/Tx bands: 790-960/1700-2700 MHz
Antenna Gain: 4-7 dB (depending on band)
Input power: Up to 100W
Number of switchable sectors: up to 4
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