Vehicle mounted Network-in-a-Box solution for voice, messaging and data connectivity • Models: VM-08, VM-10 and VM-12
Micronet-VM is a versatile closed portable wireless network that offers secure and reliable communication for businesses, including emergency services. It allows voice and message exchange on standard mobile phones and seamless data transmission, with exclusive internet access through our own communication channel. The system also features a Home Local Register (HLR) for top-notch authentication and security.

Micronet-VM is designed for rapid deployment of a complete mobile communication system, with low power consumption, low investment and maintenance costs. The system can be deployed in a standalone mode, or it can be used as a part of the existing telecommunications infrastructure in a real communication environment.

In addition, Micronet-VM can be used as an SMS sender, enabling you to send text messages to multiple recipients quickly and easily. This feature is ideal for businesses that need to send alerts or notifications to their employees, or for emergency services that need to communicate critical information to multiple teams at once.

The system is highly portable, making it easy to deploy in any location. Due to its portability, energy independence, light weight, rapid deployment and reconfigurability, the developed system can be applied to various fields. In different application fields, related use cases are: communication services in emergency or natural disaster scenarios and rescue services in search and rescue missions.

In order to analyze the performance of the system, measures to evaluate voice services, text messaging, and data services were implemented.
Depending on ordered configuration, the number of Micronet system transceivers is 8, 10 or 12. Each transceiver can be set to operate at any required European or US/Americas GSM, UMTS or LTE band. CDMA networks support is done provided by using separate transceiver board operating at 450, 800 or 1900 MHz band. The system supports operation at any 3GPP defined standard within 700 to 2700 MHz frequency band. Exact operating frequencies are to be selected prior to ordering.

Most commonly used frequency bands are as follows:

Band 1: 2100 (DL: 2110…2170 MHz, UL: 1920…980 MHz)
Band 3: 1800 (DL: 1805…1880 MHz, UL:1710…1785MHz)
Band 5: 850 (DL: 869…894 MHz, UL: 824…849 MHz)
Band 7: 2600 (DL: 2620…2690 MHz, UL:2500…2570 MHz)
Band 8: 900 (DL: 925…960 MHz, UL: 880…915 MHz)
Band 20: 800 (DL: 791…821 MHz, UL:832…862MHz)

Transmitted power at the antenna for each frequency band is up to 100 W. In most cases operation in most commonly used bands require 2 power amplifiers. For example, in UMTS 2100 MHz band, two amplifiers 100 W each are recommended. Receiver sensitivity is -110 dBm for GSM and -115 dBm for UMTS and LTE bands.

Micronet-VM vehicle mounted antenna system comprises of 4 directional and 1 omni antenna. Optionally, 4 directional antennas can be replaced by 1 omni antenna.
Transceivers module of Micronet-NIB
This module provides from 8 to 12 simultaneous carrier frequencies in GSM, UMTS and LTE bands within 400...3000 MHz range. All channels can be re-programmed depending on actual RF situation in the area
This module houses 3*100 W 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz amplifiers with single antenna connector. User can control a number of parameters including Pout, VSWR and temperature. The unit also generates abnormal operation alerts and automatically shuts down in emergency cases.
The system is powered by 12V 2-4*200 Ah batteries rechargeable either from vehicle generator or mains 220 V 50 Hz power source. Total power consumption for vehicle mounted system depends on the number of transceivers and varies from 400 to 1200 W (with min 160F generator)
Effective coverage largely depends on terrain and other conditions and is normally from 100 to 600 meters in a city, and up to few kilometers in rural areas. Panel antennas gain is 5-8 dBi and 1-3 dBi for omni antenna. The vehicle mounted system is powered by 12V 2-4*200 Ah batteries rechargeable either from vehicle generator or mains 220 V 50 Hz power source.

Total power consumption for vehicle mounted system depends on the number of transceivers and varies from 400 to 1200 W (with min 160F generator). Micronet-VM is connected to the managing notebook over 1 Gb LAN.

In most cases, vehicle-mounted systems will require a separate carrying metal frame designed to specific car specifications. These frames help keep the equipment shock-protected and are made of steel or aluminum. In the standard configuration, 2, 4, or 8U units with base stations, power amplifiers, and a power supply system are mounted inside a frame, one above the other. Buffer batteries are also attached to the left and right frame sections. The same frame is also used to carry the left and right sector panel antennas. The use of vehicles with folding back seats is a preferable option, providing easy access to the rear walls of 19-inch blades.
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