Secure LPD tactical radio with AES-256 encryption • Model: Micronet-PSTR
MicroNet-PSTR (Personal Secure Tactical Radio) enhances the functionality and performance in the combat environment, ensuring reliable connections between tactical units in the field and their command-and-control centers. This digital, low-cost, lightweight radio employs reliable ciphering encryption technology. The unit's small dimensions allow it to fit in a sleeve or front pocket, and it benefits from the use of advanced Low-Probability of Intercept (LPI) and Low-Probability of Detection (LPD) waveforms that transmit and receive voice and data simultaneously to enable communication in a range of combat scenarios.
• Automatic data exchange and positioning of group members using GPS
• Bluetooth interface for data transmission to a personal computer, Android tablet, or other equipment
• Remote radio software destruction if the unit is lost
• Automatic reporting and transmission of SMS and position data
• Command Android tablet for use by the group leader to rapidly set up required parameters
• Data relay through another terminal to extend the radio network's operational range
• Highly secure voice and data encryption
• Low Power transmission reduces the radio signal's range, making it harder to detect or intercept

TacMap SW package:

• Real-time processing of group members' positions on the map using GPS
• Location of unit members and neighboring units (within the general radio network)
• Creation and transmission of directions and coordinates of the target to all members
• Sending and receiving of short messages
• Display of third-party targeting and intelligence data for the sector
• Execution of search and rescue operations


The Low Probability of Detection (LPD) technique implemented in MicroNet-PSTR ideally suits covert military operation scenarios. This is achieved by using the special waveform and relatively low transmit power. As all data and voice are encrypted based on AES-128 and AES-256 standards, MicroNet-PSTR guarantees a very low probability that the communications will be intercepted.

PSTR-5PA Combined Module:

This vehicle-mounted module is a combination of a 5 W power amplifier and 3 dBi omni-directional antenna aimed at extending the operational range and enabling connectivity between the platoon commander and several subordinate group members. PSTR-5PA can be used in cars, armored vehicles, command vehicles, and as a portable device in a backpack.
Operating frequency range: 410 … 525 MHz
Effective range, dense urban environment: min 400 m
Effective range, normal urban environment: min 800 m
Effective range, open terrain: min 2000 m
Encryption (Voice): built in AES-128 Encryption
Encryption (Data): built in AES-256 Encryption
Receive path dynamic range (voice): -5 ... -132 dBm
Receive path dynamic range (data): up to -140 dBm
Software: TacNav Android software suite
Tool kit: installed with PC or Tablet
Shut-off Feature: supported
Dimensions (LxWxH): 165*68*26 mm (Without antenna)
Height with Antenna: ≤ 340 mm
Weight (w/Battery and Antenna): ≤ 300 gm
Power Supply System: charging through AC power 220V AC ± 10% at 50 Hz.
Battery type: Li-Ion battery (2400 … 3200) mAh, 3.7 V, Type 18650
Battery life with continuous operation: ≥ 24 hours (high power/half duplex voice, RX: TX 9:1)
Transmitted power: min 0,2 W, Max 0,5 W
IP Compatibility: using IP gate
Dual PTT button: Dual PTT button (01 set PTT and remote PTT)
Mic level: ≥ 2 mV @ 300 Ω
Earpiece: 1
Earpiece Level: ≥ 100 mW @ 600 Ω
Data rate: 4,8 Kbps
Headset cable length: > 1 meter
Robust materials: headset cable, earpiece, mouthpiece
Comfort of use: comfortable during use along with most types of army helmets; radio set can be fixed comfortably with arm having arm strap with shoulder support
Number of memory channels: Up to 16
Operating temperature range: -20 to +55° C
Storage temperature range: -30 to +60° C
Humidity permissible condition for operation: 98%
Maximum permissible storage humidity: 98%
Operation during fog, rain and snow: yes
Environmental: Mil Std 810 G
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