Model number: SWJ-1
This channel selective jammer is designed for authorized users and prevents mobile devices from logging into the network across 5G networks. The unit can be used either in fully autonomous mode, powered by a high-capacity Li-Ion battery, or plugged into a vehicle power supply unit. Required parameter setup is done using an external touch screen console, with the option to use previously stored settings.

The jamming frequency range is 2500 … 2900 MHz and 3500 … 3800 MHz, with an average jamming range of 50 meters. The operating frequency setting accuracy is 1 kHz, and there are 1 or 4 channels available. The sweeping generator bandwidth presets are 2.5 MHz, 5 MHz, and 10 MHz. The transmitted power/antenna is 20 W/10 dB directional built-in panel antenna, and power adjustment can be made from 1 to 20 W. The unit is equipped with a Li-Ion 480 Wh battery, which provides a battery life of 3 hours. Management is done through a local touch screen console with settings memory.

The weight of the jammer unit and battery is 5.5 kg and 2.5 kg respectively.
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