Portable solution to counter attack active intercept systems • Mod. WS-500
This equipment is designed for use by police and national security services to disable active intercept systems deployed illegally in the area.

The WS-500 is manufactured in a medium-sized rugged case or as a 19-inch blade and can be powered using a mains/vehicle power source or internal batteries to support system operation for a minimum of 3 hours.

The WS-500 consists of two key subsystems: a detection module and a jamming module.

After activation, the system performs RF environment scanning and detects active intercept systems based on a number of parameters. The WS-500 picks up information on the downlink channels of the target active intercept system and uses it for active system uplink channels jamming. This allows for the complete blocking of the active intercept system's operation as it is no longer able to maintain communications with its target list cellphones. In most cases, the user of the active intercept system will not be able to detect the reason for the link failure.

In case the active system is set to operate on different frequency channels, the WS-500 will automatically perform the same algorithm jamming the new set of uplink frequencies. As long as the uplink and downlink frequencies are duplex separated, the WS-500 can run in detection and jamming modes simultaneously. In case the user needs to jam both European and US GSM bands, two sets of equipment will be required, with detection and jamming modules set at least 50 meters apart from each other.
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