Mod. DW-4
DE-4 passive RF receiver
DW-4 detector is a fully passive system designed to detect and map RF transmitting objects across wide territories within the 380 MHz to 6,000 MHz frequency range. The system can provide an effective detection range of up to 50 km and is set to operate within a 360-degree sector. To increase detection accuracy, the system uses processed signal input from all 4 directional antennas simultaneously.

DW-4 software suite has a user-friendly interface and can run with any type of OS. The combination of OpenGL and Java enables high information processing speed and minimal data volume processing. The system supports both detection and direction-finding modes of operation. The received signal threshold management of the preliminary and main receiver units allows filtering out unwanted emissions and increasing detection accuracy.
Operating frequency range: 380 MHz…6 000 MHz
Detector receiver sensitivity: -112 dBm across all bands
Detection accuracy: +/- 5 degrees
Detection range: 3 … 50 km (can be increased with using 3-12 m mast)
Operational bandwidth: 26 MHz
Counts, per 30 MHz : 1024
Information processing speed: 90 ms / 30 MHz
Pre-receiver and receiver attenuation: yes
GPS receiver: integrated GPS module
Antennas type: 6 dBi directional antennas
Number of antennas: 4
Unwanted emissions protection: using built-in limiters
Number of operational channels: 4 simultaneous RX channels
Power supply: 12 VDC combined with Ethernet port
Operating temperature: -20…+50 deg. C
Management interface: Ethernet
Operation modes: direction finding, objects detection
Management software: Java based, supports all OSs
GUI: based on OpenGL
Remote software update: supported
Output: 7 different results presentation modes depending on use case
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