Portable multi-channel power amplifier unit for Micronet BP Network-in-a-Box • Mod.: EPA-400
External power amplifier unit is designed to amplify the radio frequency signal, filter and combine several frequencies into one radio frequency output to ensure simultaneous operation of several transmitters and receivers at different frequency bands. It is used to increase the range of the portable system when used in the vehicle.

EPA-400 filters the transmitting signal, resulting in improved transmission quality. Additionally, the EPA-400 includes filtering and low-noise amplification (LNA) of the receive path, which boosts the received signal strength while minimizing interference. The device also has built-in power amplifier diagnostics to help identify and resolve any potential issues with the transmission process. Finally, the EPA-400 allows for the switching of external antennas, providing greater flexibility in signal routing

The unit is normally placed in rugged 4U or 6U Gator case, or can be installed inside existing vehicle 19-inches rack
Aggregated peak power of the built-in amplifiers: up to 50W for each band
Gain on the Tx path: up to 50 dB with automatic gain correction
Gain on the Rx path: 18 dB
Tx/Rx rejection: >75dB
Management interface: LAN or RS-485
Number of Tx outputs: 1 (N-type connector)
Number of Rx inputs: 1 (N-type connector)
Operating voltage: DC 10…16V - main configuration; DC 20…72V option DC-HV; AC 110…220V option AC
Power consumption: up to 650W
Design: 19-inch 4-6U blade or inside a Gator type case
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