Mod. MPT-1000
MPT-1000 direction finder
MPT-1000 receiver is designed to operate at UMTS, GSM, and LTE frequency bands, using either ARFCN or uplink scrambling code. It employs a mathematical method for transmitting source signal amplitude measurements. The MPT-1000 is assembled according to an all-in-one principle, with no additional external cables or antennas.

It boasts an outstanding stability and efficiency across all frequency bands, as well as an advanced code channel selection technique. The device is small in size, lightweight, and consumes little power.

The uplink subscriber scrambling code selection method allows for a significant improvement in link balance, increasing the signal received from a mobile device by more than 20 dB. It also provides scrambling code-based offsetting to filter out other transmitting sources operating on the same frequency channel.

To use the DF in GSM/LTE mode, the user needs to input the value of the known uplink ARFCN channel. In UMTS mode, in addition to the channel number, the user needs to input the known 24-bit long uL_ScramblingCodeNumber value, primary scrambling code (values from 0 to 511), and ARFCN channel number.

Optionally, to provide for MPT-1000 automatic setup, it can be equipped with a DSSS modem connected over Ethernet.
Receive path sensitivity (GSM, LTE): -105 dBm
Additional receive patch sensitivity (UMTS): 21 dB in synchronous mode and11 dB in asynchronous mode
Built-in directional antenna gain: 2…5 dBi depending on frequency band
Consumed power: 2 W
Operation time on battery: up to 4 hours
Dimensions and weight: 150*80*30 mm, 310 g
Operating temperature: -20...+50 C
Humidity: non-condensing max 85%
Management: Android based smartphone
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