Small dual channel network in a box for use in emergency situations • Mod.: ECK-200
This device can be used during search and rescue operations by police forces or emergency squads, or for detection of hidden mobile terminals placed for improvised explosive devices activation. It can also help with delivering SMS or voice messaging within relatively small coverage area.

ECK-200 is a device that operates on the principle of an autonomous base station creating a micro-network. Mobile phones within the device coverage area will initiate the registration process. Registration in the created micro-network is no different from registration in a real GSM mobile network, with the mobile terminals receiving service identifiers during the registration process. The device can serve both all or selected mobile terminals (if they are added to the HLR), depending on the operating mode. The ECK-200 operates autonomously without access to external public communication networks, and only service information from the exchange protocol between the device and mobile terminal is registered over the Um interface.
Maximum transmitted power: 0,5-1 W
Receiver sensitivity: -100 … -110 dBm
Receive patch dynamic range: -35...-100 dBm
Standard operating frequency bands: Band 1, 3, 5 or 8
Number of simultaneous carrier frequencies: 2
Combination of frequency bands UMTS+GSM, GSM+GSM, UMTS+UMTS
Management: through tablet, smartphone or notebook
Management interface: WiFi or Ethernet
Power consumption : 9-14V, 14-30W
Dimensions: 222х173х39 mm
Battery: 11V, 5Ah
Operating time on battery: min 2 hrs
Effective range: 30-40 m with built-in antenna and up to100 m with external antenna
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