LoRa modem for MPT-900 handheld receiver to enable remote channel setting
Remote control feature allows for sending the current channel number value from the control center to the receiver and receiving real-time feedback on the received downlink signal strength from the receiver to the control center. This measured received signal strength enables the indirect estimation of the distance between the handheld receiver and the control center, although the actual situation largely depends on the landscape and surrounding electromagnetic environment. Additionally, the user at the control center receives real-time readings on the transmitting source power strength obtained using the MPT-900 receiver.

The LoRa modem operates using low-power, long-range wireless communication technology with spread-spectrum modulation and a unique coding scheme that enables reliable communication in noisy environments.

Remote adjustment of channel settings is possible for the MPT-900-RC version of the receiver, which has a built-in RF board, while maintaining the same overall dimensions as the standard version.
• Control interface: Ethernet
• Operating frequency: 1GHz
• Protocol: LoRa
• Range: at least 200m in urban conditions, 1000m in open areas.
• Output power: 100mW
• Connector: SMA
• Power supply: 12V or PoE (24...48V)
• Design: Stand-alone unit
• Weight: 150g
• Software control: via TCP socket connection or using Java applet at NIB side
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